Transformation to Intelligent Automation

T2IA, LLC is a consulting and new product development company, focusing on Automation with Robotics and AI, primarily for transportation industry.

Services By T2IA​


Data driven analytics enahanced with machine learning tools

Product Development

Product that Improves customer competitiveness and cutting cost.

Promote New Technology

Supporting new technologies around autonomous trucks and cars.

Our team will provide these services available in the field of Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Robotics. From technology perspective, Machine Learning Language and Autonomous vehicles is our prime focus

Our current specialty is in the field of Transportation, but expanding!     

About T2IA

We do not profess to know everything! But we like to know about our customer’s challenges and environmental constraints to work as a team. 

We like to be perceived as a partner in working together to use current and new technologies to bring out successes to our customers and to our associates.  


Our mission is to work as a team and continually educate ourselves and use or create new technologies for developing new products and services or enhancing the capabilities of existing one, that will help our customers in maximising their potentials.


We would like to work with our customers to help them solve their business problems with our technology related products that services. As required, we will assist them supporting their Artificial Intelligence related services on strategy development, planning and or execution. If required new products will be developed to achieve customer’s end goals.
Transformation to Intelligent Automation

Areas of Work for T2IA

Autonomous Trucks

Data related queries for autonomous vehicles are handled by T2IA team.

Autonomous Cars

Data related queries for autonomous vehicles are handled by T2IA team.


Customers' requirement for any kind of robotics work can be developed by us.

Custom Software Development

Our Industry Expertise of many years can empower Your business with custom software development services.

As Customers' needs

Our only goal to identifying our clients needs and our expertise will play their role and we give what our customers' needs, wants and demands


Stay tuned to this website for news related to AI, Robotics and Autonomous Industries.


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